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What is a Serigraph?

A serigraph, often referred to as a silkscreen print, is a work of art produced when soft inks are squeegeed through stencils on to a high quality acid-free paper.

This very old method of duplicating an image evolved out of Chinese and Japanese stencil printing methods. Today, silkscreen printing is essentially a stencil technique, which uses an open mesh fabric stretched on a frame to hold the stencil design.

In some of his early prints, Shostak used simple hand cut paper or film stencils. After years of printing, however, he has created his most recent serigraphs by drawing in black ink on a sheet of clear acetate. The drawing is then transferred to a screen by using a coating of light-sensitive photo emulsion. What was drawn in dense black ink appears as an opening in the screen through which the selected colour is squeegeed on to the printing paper. A separate drawing and screen is prepared for each colour. Some of Shostak’s prints have more than twenty colours.

The artist works in his studio and, with the assistance of a silkscreen technician, produces a small number of prints. The finished prints are collectively called an edition. Each print in the edition is titled, numbered and signed in pencil by the artist. The year when the print was created appears after the artist’s signature.

To guarantee that no additional copies will ever be made, once the edition is complete, all stencils are destroyed. Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, which provides detailed information about the edition.



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