Peter Shostak Award-winning Canadian Artist



Peter Shostak continues to spend time in his studio. As well as painting, he has recently spent many days editing and sorting all of his photo reference materials.

During his professional career, spanning over forty years, Shostak has taken thousands of slides and photographs. He highly treasures this collection as it continues to provide information for settings and content for his paintings.

So much has changed in the last forty years. The changes in the landscape, the architecture and the activities of the people of the prairies became clearly evident as he edited his collection. The time spent reviewing and editing his collection has made him feel fortunate to have captured these changes over the years and has again inspired him to revisit the landscape and activities of his early childhood.


For Peter Shostak the recently unprovoked attack by Russia, on his ancestral home land Ukraine, has urged him to participate in several art related fund raising events.


In the fall of 2024 Peter will have a one man exhibition at the West End Gallery in Edmonton. Details to follow.


On September 11, 2021, a very successful exhibition opening was held at KUMF Gallery in Toronto.

To see the opening of the exhibition go to the following link:


Earlier this year a decision was made by Peter and Geraldine that Oseredok Museum in Winnipeg would be the official repository of Peter”s archives, photographs as well as some of his paintings and serigraphs.To date a number of paintings from his For Our Children series as well as twenty seven framed serigraphs are now in the permanent collection of the museum. The painting Was that your Baba’s coat is on loan to Oseredok.


Peter is honored to have recently been elected as a Fellow to the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. This honor is a recognition of his life long artistic painting career in celebrating the Canadian landscape.



Was That Your Baba's Coat?

Was That Your Baba’s Coat?